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We are always on hand to answer your questions online, by phone or in person. Here are the answers to some of the questions we are most frequently asked.

The short answer is “Yes!”

While dogs are very welcome in the park there are 2 exceptions, they are not permitted  within the café or terrace, nor are they welcome in the Falconry Centre. Also, please remember, this is a ‘Leave No Trace’ park, so be sure to bring plenty of bags because you’ll be bringing your dog mess home with you! Also you will find water bowls for dogs throughout the park. Dogs were very important in ancient Ireland for hunting and protection. Fionn MacCumhaill, for example, had two dogs, Bran (Raven) and Sceólang (Survivor).

Most people find 90 minutes to two hours is plenty, while others stay longer. With so much to see and to take in, a lot of people come back to us again and again. On top of all the history and learning, it’s also a very beautiful woodland walk in its own right!
Bathrooms are located beside the entrance to the visitor centre, within the café and in the park itself, between sites 10 and 11.

Changing Places Toilets are there to help people with disabilities to enjoy places that would otherwise be inaccessible to them, by providing the equipment or facilities they need to do things other people can do without even having to think. Learn more at

Our restaurant and café with both indoor and outdoor seating, is situated in the Visitor Centre building and offers spectacular views over the Crannog. Open from 9.30am daily.


Yes we do! In recognition of the continued support from the residents of Co Wexford the Irish National Heritage Park invite permanent residents of the County to join our Local Membership scheme.

This scheme entitles Members to a 50% discount on available general online admission prices (visits that are not pre-booked are charged at full admission rate) and does not include admission to any special seasonal events or third-party organiser events.

Please note:

The scheme is strictly for permanent residents of the County and cannot be transferred. Proof of address and Eircode is required before the Membership will be approved.

Admission tickets must be booked in advance via our website to avail of Membership discount.

Any misuse of the Membership Scheme will result in it being withdrawn.

This Membership Scheme replaces the previously used discount scheme which expired in December 2021.

The Irish National Heritage Park reserves the right to alter or change these terms without notice.

Please see more information here