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Pre Historic Ireland

Who were the first human inhabitants of Ireland and where did they come from? As archaeological detective work continues, we are learning more and more about the first people to inhabit the island of Ireland. Even the dates are being pushed back well beyond 9,000 years. These first settlers were hunter-gatherers and their way of life lasted for well over 3,000 years. Their diet and quality of life was very good, so good in fact that today’s nutritionists and dieticians are advising us to eat a lot of similar foods.

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The more we learn about Stone Age people, the more sophisticated their lives appear to have been. These were nomadic people who lived in family groups and who worked close together and shared skills in gathering, hunting and fishing. Accessories were made from bone and shells, tools were made from flint. Evidence has also been found that they cremated their dead.

Stone Tomb

The first farmers arrived, with a totally new way of life some 6,000 years ago, which influenced the first settlers. These farmers brought animals, crops and pottery with them. They began to settle and build more permanent structures. Megalithic tombs were also built during this time, and these magnificent monuments can still be seen on the Irish landscape today. A new culture arrived in Ireland 4,500 years ago, bringing with them the skill of metalworking. They built new types of monuments, perhaps in order to worship the sun.

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